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We all have these ideas when we’re growing up about what our life’s work is going to be. And I had my mind made up that i was going to be a princess. By the time i hit my early 40’s I realized that there were a limited number of princess positions available. (Yes Beyonce does count) I drifted in and out of a number of jobs, some good and some not so good, and then i found FERMENTATION! I guess it goes without saying that I knew right then and there that I was going to make it my life’s work. And that’s when I coined my job title “Fermentress”, perfect, just perfect…and it ends with “ess” just like princess. Who says your dreams can’t come true!


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Just because I gave myself the title “Head Chopper” doesn’t mean that I’m not serious about it. See that knife? It’s a 12″ Chef Knife, with a rosewood handle. Some people think it’s just for show. ¬†Ask all of those whimpering heads of cabbage if it’s for show. I’ve taken a page from the ranchers playbook, I start really early in the morning. I go out and open all of the cases of cabbage, so they can get some air…….you know, enjoy that last morning. And before they have a chance to wake up and have coffee, Mr. Knife comes to visit! A lot of folks probably didn’t need to know that much about what it takes to be a “head chopper”, let’s just say that I’m committed. And yes I know that I will have to settle my account some day, I’m praying that the supreme being is not a cabbage